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Working from a Cafe

Working Remotely?

Us Too.

Here at Invisible Birds we have been working remotely (along with everyone we know) for months now and we've encountered many of the same challenges with our home networks as everybody else.  After ad-hoc helping our families, friends, and clients improve their home networks to better suit their new at-home needs and workflow we have decided to offer the same services to you.  

Working from home doesn't need to be about sacrificing the robust network connectivity of a traditional office. 

At home do you experience:


- A signal that is weaker or absent in places where you need or want it?


- Latency or lag time while running Zoom, a VPN, Netflix, etc. alone, simultaneously or on one or more wireless devices?


- Issues with hardware that requires regular rebooting of your wireless network?


- Have multiple employees with a range of home hardware and no centralized support solution?


- Handle sensitive data that requires more security than available with standard home routers and Access Points?


- Want to be able to easily move your office to another location (cottage in the Catskills anyone?) without facing a lot of unknown factors?* 


If any of this sounds familiar Invisible Birds is here to help.  We have put together two pre-configured hardware + support packages to improve the range, strength, and security of you and/or your employees home networks.


*Should you need a connection in a new hard to reach location Invisible Birds is still available with our out of the box solutions for remote and off-the-grid network connectivity.


Not sure what you need?  Just contact us for a free consultation.


How it works:

First we gather basic information about you/your employees current home network to determine which of the two hardware packages is needed. Then we ship out the equipment pre-configured and ready to go (bio-safe!).  Once you plug it in and establish a connection you will create your own password and that's it!  From then on if you have any problems with your home network the Invisible Birds Team will be available day or night to keep you online and getting the most out of your connection. 


What you get:

- Industry leading commercial grade hardware optimized for home use.  We know each piece of this hardware and test it thoroughly, down to the ends of the cables.  Hardware failure is a common and hard to diagnose problem in networking, by working with Invisible Birds you can take many of the variables out of frustrating network issues (often just by knowing that the problem isn't with your home network hardware!).


- If you run an office of at-home workers having all of your employees utilizing the same networking equipment means that you only have to go to one place for any of your wireless, questions, issues, or to add remote locations. 


- Phone and/or online support as well as optional bio-conscientious on-site assistance (within 100 miles of NYC).

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